Can Locking My Penis in a Chastity Device Cause Long-Term Damage?

There are more submissive guys out there blogging about their locked-up cocks than there are submissive guys out there whose cocks are locked up. By which I mean to say… Whether you’re talking about food, politics, or locking a dude’s cock in a male chastity device, LOCKED, you’ll find more anonymous liars online pretending to […]

Avoiding a Sore Penis From a Male Chastity Cage

In general, most men like to avoid anything which can produce a sore penis. One of the reasons a guy pays attention to good penis care is so his penis will not be sore when given the opportunity to go into action. But some men do enjoy certain sexual roles which, while they provide them […]

Three Days of Torture in a Male Chastity Device

Waking up with your dick locked in a plastic cage is the hardest part. It always takes a minute to remember why there is a crazy contraption squeezing the hell out of it. Your morning wood fills it to the brim and your spasming penis looks like a kid with his nose pressed against a […]

Is Abstinence Unhealthy?

An associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Chicago, poses a question to her medical students: Would they rather give up their non-dominant arm or sex for the rest of their lives? The room usually falls silent, and then erupts in laughter. But at some point, in private, each student silently answers […]

How Much Does a Sex Doll Cost?

Are you all set to buy a sex doll but confused about the expense? Don’t worry it’s natural and you are not alone here. Sex dolls come in various materials, heights and weights. Thus, you will find sex dolls in various price ranges.  Moreover, the body features that you get with a sex doll also […]

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