Reviews and Press

“It is a thing of beauty thank you for the hard work, I love the belt, It’s awesome!” – Clint M., IL.

“I write to tell you that everything is perfect with the modifications you did on my belt. I really like the brushed steel finish. To me your design really is the most appealing one can get anywhere. Thank you once again for your kind and caring way of doing business. That’s a rare thing nowadays and I really appreciate it!” -Willis S., KS.

“Overall I’m 100% satisfied with this device. It’s secure, gives me a feminine front, I can stay clean over 24/7 wear and it’s comfortable.” – Ray B., MT.

“After some bending of the belt to fit my body this belt was everything I was hoping for it’s so comfortable compared to ball trap devices.” – Scott N., TN.

“I put it on the 38 inch setting and wrapped it around my waist and WOW, it fit like a glove. After putting it on I did pushups, lunges, squats, mountains climbers etc with 0 to none inhibition. I mean I can feel its there but it doesn’t pinch, doesn’t bruise, and allows for free range of motion.” Update: “Been more than a year now and still absolutely love this piece of art.” – Nicolas S., OH.

“After spending a few weeks with my belt, it is absolutely fantastic and meets every requirement that I was looking for. The community is ever so lucky to have you guys doing such phenomenal work.” – Tomas C., AZ.

“Thank you for your help re the belt it all arrived safety the belt is fantastic and I’m really pleased” – Clark L., TX.

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