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How Much Does a Sex Doll Cost?

Are you all set to buy a sex doll but confused about the expense? Don’t worry it’s natural and you are not alone here. Sex dolls come in various materials, heights and weights. Thus, you will find sex dolls in various price ranges.  Moreover, the body features that you get with a sex doll also influence the price quotient. For example, a sex doll with highly pronounced body parts will definitely not be cheap.

So, how much does a sex doll cost? Well, the post below offers a brief overview on the different price ranges for various types of sex dolls.

Up to $300

If you want the cheapest of options, go for blow-up plastic sex dolls. These dolls have to be inflated for use and can mostly be used as a basic masturbation toy. However, plastic blow-up options cannot give you the authentic feel of a real woman.

$50 to $500

If you are ready to shell out up to $500, you will get standard sex dolls. These dolls come with make-up and hair and are usually clothed up. But they aren’t customizable and you will find them with both body & head fixed.

$300 to $3,000

Are you ready to splurge some more? A sex doll is something you don’t buy every day. It’s a one-time investment that will be your intimate partner for many moons. Thus, it’s only wiser to make a standard investment in a sex doll. If you can spend up to $1,000 or little more, you will get customizable silicone dolls. Silicone extends life-like feel so it will feel like you are fucking an almost real woman. Moreover, as these dolls are customizable, you can easily mould the toy as per your specific parameters.

Most of these dolls will enable you to customize eyes, hair, skin tone as well as accessories. Thus, whether you want a chocolate beauty or a blonde bombshell, you can choose anything that your heart desires with these customizable sex dolls.

$4,000 to $10,000

If money is not a factor for you, your best bet will be realistic sex dolls. These dolls weigh around 30 kg and are more than 5 ft in height to emulate a real-life adult woman. Moreover, these full-size sex dolls embody a proper well-defined body. When you will get intimate with her it will only feel like you are having sex with a real woman.

Besides, the realistic full-size sex dolls allow users to upgrade any part of the doll’s body. From face to the body to piercings to pubic hair to freckles- you can add anything here to make the doll resemble a real lady.

Now, with so many advantages it’s only natural that these dolls will be really expensive, more than all other counterparts.

Up to $5,000

Do you know some ultra advanced manufacturers are powering up sex dolls with Artificial Intelligence? Yes, the moot point is to make them as much realistic as possible. These AI-infused dolls are configured to function almost like humans and they can easily become your buddy after a few sessions. Such state of the art sex dolls are able to make different facial expressions, tilt their head, blink and even carry conversation. Some of them are also programmed to memorize important facts about the user.

Always try to get a comparative survey before buying a sex doll. High quality sex dolls are not cheap and calls for considerable investments. Moreover, the doll is going to be your best companion for your most intimate moments. Thus, you have to be very careful about the quality of toy you buy. It’s better to purchase it from a reliable sex toy shop that specializes in sex dolls mostly.

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