PGH 200 Our Team

Our Team

Lia Chester

  • Business Owner
  • founder
  • Born and raised in Rockford, IL, but now remotely manages his businesses while backpacking South East Asia.


Diesel Hopper

  • Business partner
  • co-founder
  • He oversees the entire operations of the business and plans the content for the blog. 
  • Diesel has two kids and takes them to the beach every weekend in Manhattan Beach.


Damon Horn

  • The lead writer for
  • Our resident product tester of sex toys (mostly cock rings)
  • His honest reviews are all you need to know whether a sex toy is a good buy or not. 


Makenzie Knight

  • Photographer
  • Hired in 2020 to photograph a ton of sex toys for the articles that are scheduled to be published this year.
  • He normally hangs out with Damon during the weekends to test out the products with their girlfriends. Best job ever, they said.