Author: Todd Beamon

Can Locking My Penis in a Chastity Device Cause Long-Term Damage?

There are more submissive guys out there blogging about their locked-up cocks than there are submissive guys out there whose cocks are locked up. By which I mean to say…

Avoiding a Sore Penis From a Male Chastity Cage

In general, most men like to avoid anything which can produce a sore penis. One of the reasons a guy pays attention to good penis care is so his penis

How Much Does a Sex Doll Cost?

Are you all set to buy a sex doll but confused about the expense? Don’t worry it’s natural and you are not alone here. Sex dolls come in various materials,

Three Days of Torture in a Male Chastity Device

Waking up with your dick locked in a plastic cage is the hardest part. It always takes a minute to remember why there is a crazy contraption squeezing the hell

Is Abstinence Unhealthy?

An associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Chicago, poses a question to her medical students: Would they rather give up their non-dominant arm or sex for

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